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carnival glass dish with horse head


i've no idea about this sort of glass, it measures 7.5" across and about 2.5" high, it has a clear glass foot and around the horse is a greek key design and the rim is wavey, the colour is orange bit of a bad rushed photo

Diamond Glass "Pony" Pattern according to Miller's "Collectables Price Guide 2004".

Cathy B:
Dugan, not diamond.

From David Doty's carnival site.

Note, they have been reproduced by LG Wright from the original mould! Doty says: "These reproductions are particularly difficult to tell from the originals as they are made from the same molds and not marked. Sometimes, as shown here, the iridescence is very shiny and metallic looking, but some are very well iridized."

The repros are more shiny and metalic looking.

It's fairly unlikely that you would find a repro "Pony" in the UK...having said that, there is one dealer that I have seen at some big fairs with a lot of new Carnival (at big prices) - and he does have some repro Pony plates, but they are very pricey.

The old Dugan/Diamond "Pony" bowls are found fairly frequently in marigold. However they are much less often seen in amethyst and are consequently more desirable (and often very lovely).

From what I can see on your photo Ray, I would say you have a Classic old example. The Wright repros do not have the depth of iridescence that the old ones possess.

Note that L. G. Wright did not actually make the Pony items. Wright owned moulds and had glass makers "pour" the glass for him.

Currently, Gary Levi (Levay Glass Distributing) owns the Pony mould and is having a number of Limited Edition items made for him. I have both ruby and vaseline opal examples which are most attractive. There are being made by Mosser. These items are not being made in the "old" colours (to the best of my knowledge).



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