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Kosta Goran Warff "Polar"? Art Glass Sculpture


Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me determine a possible year(s) of a piece by Kosta artist Goran Warff (#67514). This piece weighs about 6.5 pounds and has a 20 inch diameter. I saw one online (colored glass) made by the artist but that was a little bigger with a 23" diameter, selling for a high price.  I paid $8.00 for mine and am just curious as to possible value (clear may not be as desirable as colored glass), or year of manufacture.  The first two pics are of my piece and the 3rd is the one I was referencing. I just joined and this is my first posting so if I am on the wrong page please let me know. Thanks very much

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these bits are often Unik, hence the high prices - can't make out whether this is marked as such on yours ?

The markings on my piece are: Kosta #67514 Warff, in that order. There are no other markings. Thanks very much for your response,


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