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Paperweight bowl of in clear glass of abstracted kidney shape 6" x 7.5", 2.75" high

I have had these before and thought them Murano. On closer inspection it looks as if someone has taken a Scottish paperweight and squashed it, the pastel colours and the canes seem subtle and Strathearn (?) in feel, even though they have been squashed LOL

I have the bud vases and some classic pin dishes, but have only started to notice these - they are of a very high quality and this one has a blue mottled ground for the canes, a flat ground polished base with lots of age ware

Any info appreciated

Thanks all

Adam P


More to come when these pages get updated next.

Dishes of this type often really were "squashed" paperweights, at least from a stage when it could be seen by the maker that the wight would not turn out as intended. Converting to a dish or bowl can be an economic preference to discarding the bad weight.

But, for many of the Pin / Nut Dishes and Ashtrays from the earlier Vasart & Strathearn years, I believe the designs were also deliberate.

John Deacons still produces similar items.

Frank & Kev

I knew I had seen the bowl some place, I was in the Ysart site for ages but somehow in my early dotage (sic) I missed it this time

Excellent examples and information, now to go and buy some more as dealer thinks are Murano LOL


Adam P

Don't get to excited they only fetch good money when wrongly described :twisted:


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