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Purple pulled feather vase?? ID = Dalian Shanya Trading Co, China

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This is a beautiful vase. It is 9 inches tall 5 inches wide at the top lip, 3 1/2 inches wide at the base . The base is clear the rest is lavender with iridescent gold drapes. There are no markings on the vase that I see. The pontil is ground down. I have no idea of the age or anthing else any help would be great.

Is the glass full of bubbles (pulegosa), or am I seeing something else? I have  piece of purplish pulegosa that I've never been able to identify, but Mexico was a suggestion from someone, which would make sense where you are. The glass in the piece I have is quite light with very frothy bubbles.

The piece doesn't look Murano to me, although the technique (fenicio) is typical Murano.
I hope this is a start for you.


No it has no bubbles. The outside is like a glass coating or something while the inside is clear I guess it is layers I don;t know but I thank you so much for the reply any help is great.

Is the pontil mark unpolished, if so I would suggest the East or Eastern Europe

Hi there
they sell these in british heart foundation charity shop as in there own "new" range type of thing, i think they sell them for around £19.99, also in blue
i could be wrong though  :)


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