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Two vases, one Nuutajärvi

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This is a Nuutajärvi piece, does anyone know who designed it? I've never seen anything quite like it.  Height is 10"
11"mystery vase, seems to feel at ease with the Nuutajärvi one above (well they've been inseperable for years)
The only question is: Yes But What Is It?

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What kind of label does the Nuutajarvi one have? It may hint at a rough date?


Rectangular black on silver foil, fish logo with Nuutajärvi /  Notsjö 1793,
and "Made in Finland" in allcaps underneath.
So at least it is after 1953  :D

I think that's roughly late sixties / early seventies? I've a Toikka Pikku-Majakka and a Fauna flask with labels like that. I've also seen a tumbler with a production date of 1966-67 with one.

Sometime ago I tried to work out when which Nuutajärvi label types were used - this is what I came up with (additions / corrections / exact datings welcome!! :D  :D). I don't know if any of the different types were used concurrently or overlapped.

1953 onwards they usually seem to be printed paper, shaped like the fish logo.
Circa early sixties, clear plastic, where the top follows the shape of the fish, printed 'SUOMI FINLAND' underneath (I've two like this on pieces dated '64).
Late sixties / early seventies, like the one you describe, rectangular with matt silver foil background and sharp corners.
Late 1970s / 1980s rectangular, curved corners, pale blue fish logo, made of either clear or shiny silver plastic.

Additionally Arabia labels were used (info from Lesley Jackson 20th Century Factory Glass) 1971-77 & 1983-87. I've seen a fair number of 70s pieces with Arabia labels.

I suppose that narrows down possible designers?? I've no idea!


"Smoke and Ice"has two versions of the fish label
- one dark blue on transparent background which says Nuutajärvi/ Notsjö 1793 // Suomi-Finland
- one light blue on metallic cellophane which says "Nuutajärvi/ 1793// Made in Finland.
Smoke and Ice does not give dates for these - which may have been a wise choice of the editors.

Anyway, my source says Fish label used 1953-1971, then Arabia/ Wärtsilä 1971-1976, fish label 1977-1983, Arabia 1983-1987, fish label 1987-1992 after which all was switched to the Iittala logo.

It would make sense if the fish labels were different for the different periods - but there may be export variations too.


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