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VASE - Coloured with Ornate Handles - ID = Snowflake, China

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Otis Orlando:
A beautiful vase similar to one displayed previously.  One hopes the attached pics.  will be sufficient for someone to identify this particular piece. Measuring 19cm in height, 6.7cm dia. top of vase and base 6.2cm slightly concaved from rim of vase to centre.   Many thanks!

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Otis Orlando:
I realized what I had done.   Oooops!

Hi Otis,
im pretty sure this is another from our Chinese friends, made in a Murano style.

Otis Orlando:
Cheers! for that Andy.

There's a whole range of these out there with different coloured backgrounds (white, blue, pink, cream and yellow) and different shapes, and generally being sold as Murano. Occasionally they have a Snowflake brand label on them.


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