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Pressed glass bowl and creamer.


Anne E.B.:
Any ideas on these two would be much appreciated.  I haven't spotted anything like them, except that the patterning on the creamer looks vaguely familiar.  The creamer appears to be quite old I think.

Bowl - sits on 9 feet - 8" diam.

Creamer - 3.5"high x 3.5"wide.

Many thanks :P
Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Where have you tried looking so far ?
Press Glass Pavillion ?

#1 with such a simple design it's hard to know where to begin and hard to pattern match with vases with a similar motif, of which there are several at Darvani VSL site but nothing which says BINGO.

Anne E.B.:
Peter, my first instinct was Czech, so I checked Pamela's website without success.  I think I can eliminate Sowerby and some other English makers having checked.  I've also checked on the pressed glass sites in the Glassoholics Library links to no avail.   French is a possibility.  

It's a very simple design I agree and I think it might be fairly contemporary although there is wear on the bottom of its feet.  However, I have seen nothing to match it with its 9 'feet' which are an integral part of the undulating raised detail .  Its an unusual colour too - not quite pink - somewhere inbetween apricot and pink.  I can't think of a suitable word to describe it :?

I'll have another search.

Regards - Anne  E.B. :wink:



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