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Decanter ID needed
« on: November 10, 2005, 04:12:36 AM »
Such a pretty decanter 13” high, weight 1.3kilos, it is crystal I think.

Decanters are not my strongest subject but this looks very W/F (though I think it is not, this is just a reference point) in shape although I cannot see one in the catalogues with the subtly moulded panels - it is actually conical with ten panels. The stopper is same design but rounded without panels. On both stopper and decanter are hand ground W/F (Orrefors) style flowers with ridge cut centres, each motif is interconnected by elegant, flowing stalks and foliage that end sometimes in ground dots representing berries. The base is very thick and the bottom has a lot of very fine age ware with a ground concave pontil to the centre.

Anyone got ideas as to maker, has no engraved marks or label.

Adam P

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