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nigel benson:

I've just had a chance to look at my copies of the PG Diary(s) for L Cohen as a London agent. They are not mentioned in the 1938 edition. The only edition that I have which lists importers specifically is 1948, and that does not mention L. Cohen & Sons Ltd.

However, S. W. Stent of 31, Ely Place, London EC1 are already named as agents for Pearson & Co (Chesterfield) Ltd in 1938.

Therefore, I am wondering whether the theory about the Cohen family not surviving the war is relevant. Did the business even carry on until the war?


Thank you Nigel, that's useful to know. So we have them in 1929 and 1931.

I checked the Glass Association's Blue Book and found the only Registered Numbers for Cohen during the years covered (i.e. 1908 - 1945) were the three that happened in 1929.


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