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Signed Holmegaard Vase 15391

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It took me approx 6 attempts to get the photo right.

I found that when I photographed it straight on, the flash just came back at the camera and ruined it. Tilting the camera at an angle did the trick.

This picture was taken too closely, if I had backed off a little it would have been even sharper.

Lately, I've been using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to adjust the  Midtones as my pictures are usually too dark.

--- Quote from: "Tigerchips" ---I think the only other signed piece that I had was, um, i've forgotten the name. It might begin with a "Kirk" and it's probably Scottish and the firm definetly makes paperweights. Anyway, it was thick glass and clear with blue wavey lines. Signed on the base "Kirk.... 1979".
--- End quote ---

Selkirk, that's it, I think.  :)

I saw one of these today in a lovely aqua blue... but the dealer wanted 60 for it!  :shock:

I *pft* at his price and he instantly dropped it to 30. I *pft* again, but to no avail.  :(

He was also trying to tell me that it was Finnish glass and wouldn't have it that it was Danish.  *tut* So I wandered off and bought 7 Holmegaard suncatchers elsewhere.  My window shall be an array of colourful dangly prettiness tomorrow morning... and will probably set my bed on fire!  :lol:

Make sure you're not in it when it does set on fire.  :lol:

I sold my Holmegaard for about 10 on a stall.  8)

:o You could have sold it to me for that!

My bed didn't alight, thankfully. Though I did have an unusual alarm call when one of them decided to break in half in the morning sunlight.  :cry:

I'm not sure what the point of them is if they don't like sunlight. *sigh* I've removed the others, because I don't want to add any more to the casualty list.

I also sold an Imperial Glass Co slag glass box thing for 30 and 3 Beswick koala bears for 10 each. And about 12 Blue Delft houses at 5 each. All of these are probably on Ebay or in another country by now. In total I made 270. I think 320 is my record so far. I don't get around a lot to make this much every week.

I prefer to sell these on stalls because it gives me a chance to buy things from other people.

For instance, while I was there I picked up three Lemington tumblers worth about 10 each... i hope. And two Disney items worth around 30 each.

Not forgetting of course, the Empoli (?) vase and a pressed glass bowl with ladies which I know nothing about yet.


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