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Small Sugar bowl?


Otis Orlando:
Here we have a small, which I am assuming is a sugar bowl.  The bowl measures approx. 11cm in height and base approx. 5cm.  Without the lid, the top dia. of the bowl measures 9cm.  The base show signs of wear.  Can anyone identify this please?

Anne E.B.:
I think it is more likely to be a lidded bowl from a trinket set.  :)
Can't help with the I.D. though, although someone else might know.

I was about to suggest the same thing as t'other Anne, Otis, although it's not a pattern I recognise (yet!)

I'm not totally sure of the colour - a flat white background is better if you can manage it as then we can see the colour more accurately - even a couple of large sheets of paper beneath and behind it will do the trick, or as I do sometimes, use the white tiled wall in the kitchen!  ;D

It looks more yellow than amber ... would that be right?

Otis Orlando:
Thanks! for that to you all,  I will try posting improved pics. later today.  Hopefully the pics will turn out better.  Yes! it does look more yellow.


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