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Vintage Millefiori Inkwell Paperweight


A large heavy millefiori Inkwell, I think it may be either Arculus or Walsh Walsh, there are 4 canes which could be 1848 canes although they are not that clear, I understand that Arculus did use 1848 canes in the 1920.

Pontil mark to the base , height about 5.75" and weighs 2170 gms

Sorry for the pictures which are not great as took with flash

Thanks Roy

Spot on - I don't know if Walsh Walsh continued the 1848 scam but this is definitely Arculus or WW.

There's a Walsh inkwell in R.Halls pwt book with 1848 dated canes from the 1930's,


Definitely an Arculus or Walsh Walsh piece from the 1920s-1930s. It is hard to distinguish between the two, because Walsh Walsh bought the Arculus factory, and the same workers continued to make the same products for a time...! In my experience at least one third of the paperweights, and most inkwells carry the fake '1848' date.  Occasionally the numbers get a bit squashed, or out of sequence, so other 'dates' can appear.


Thank you very much for all the extra information on the Inkwell



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