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Fantastic Walther Fish comport set in uranium anyone interested?


Hi all
Been a few weeks since I was last on! Anyway I have this great comport set featuring the sonnenfische base and the sonnenfische inward fins bowl they are a great match and hard to come by.
I am looking to swap this for certain Walther pieces I am on the lookout for.If you are GENUINELY interested and do have some good Walther glass to offer please feel free to contact me for more details.Please only contact me if you are serious about a swap as I have had my time wasted.
This is NOT for sale only a swap will do.
I thankyou all for taking time to look.
Many thanks Nige

Hi Nige,
wish I could be more than a time waster (working on it).  :mrgreen:  ;D

Hi Dirk
No what it is I have loads of people contact me asking for a list of what I am looking for so I send one (takes ages to type out the list! lol) and by the end of it they don't have any Walther at all! Then they ask to buy it instead which is not what my intentions were.

Why not make a digital list, save it and then update it as things change; that way it's only one big job.


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