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Brockwitz fish handle bowl - Fritz Scheiner ?


Anne E.B.:

Just unpacked this 40s Brockwitz fish handle bowl.  Can't believe I won it - and for a song! :P   The auction photo was terrible and the bowl looked green and gold (reflecting surrounding colours!) AND incorrectly described/attributed - which was lucky for me (normally can't win an argument :roll: )  My photos don't do it any justice - the light conditions are not good - miserable dark, windy wet afternoon - but I'm HAPPY :lol:

I've seen another up for auction which states that the design is attributed to Fritz Scheiner.  Can anyone confirm either way please?

Many thanks.
Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Yes, the Scheiner attribution is correct.
Freidrich Gottlieb "Fritz" Scheiner. 1894 - 1972

Information courtesy of Seigmar Geiselberger shows that Scheiner was a glass designer of importance. In an article written by Dietrich Mauerhoff for Seigmar dated January, 2004, Scheiner is shown to have been the artist behind lovely items from Brockwitz such as the Fish handled bowl (I have a pink one) and the Parrot bowl and vase (I have an amber vase which I adore). He also designed the wonderful centrepieces made by August Walther such as the Neptune, Belvedere, Hollanderin and Mo(e)ve.

I can't read or speak German, so if any of my comprehension (or spelling) is at fault, my apologies.


Anne E.B.:
Many thanks as always Glen :D   The Brockwitz pieces are, I think, magical and fantasy-like.   I've yet to convert my O.H. to my way of thinking, but I'm sure it will grow on him :roll:

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Scheiner joint Walther in 1932 and as far as I know all their figurines are Scheiner design. (see them all here, including the animal-handled Brockwitz bowls: )


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