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id request for trinket holder - ID = Reich

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Paul S.:
wudn't normally buy these things  -  too large a footprint, but cudn't resist a u. piece - especially with this sort of 'diamante' effect.   Like most of us, I see shed loads of these things but for my money this is by far the most attractive I have seen.   Most of the time the cream pots and sticks are missing - like this one, and I have trawled Pamela's and Anne's sites but can't find the pattern anywhere - but have looked so hard feel I have trinket searchers 'itis, and of course I may well have missed seeing it.     Does anyone recognise the pattern please, which I assume is probably about mid 30's.       Little known fact No. 3012 - provided you have a plate stand that is big enough, you can actually balance these trays on one.    thanks for looking, and hope to hear from someone.    cheers      Paul S.

Hi, It's Reich.1934 Samuel Reich.

Paul S.:
thanks glasswipe  -  obviously I can't see for looking.    think I missed it because it is shown in pink and not green :-[      Never ceases to amaze me how widely dispersed some of this material becomes.    Although I like the piece, not sure if I will keep it for too long  -  may possibly put it back into the charity shop merry-go-round.   Do you collect these sets, or are you just eagle eyed?       My thanks again.            cheers       Paul S.   

Anne might be interested before you charity shop it again

<ears perk up> Indeed she may be. I have some pieces of this set but haven't managed to do pics and upload them yet. :-[


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