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Very Striking Glass KITTY - ID = Made in China

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Hi there:  I also bought this today.  It is very, very heavy.  About 8.5 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and to tail (measured across) it is about 4.50 inches across to tail.  I find him to be very striking colors, and I like the way the spots (?) catch your eye.  He has a home here with my other (glass) kitties, and (real) kitty  ;D

I like it, but have no idea who made him.  Obviously, it had a label - and all I can say was that it was *square shaped* which does not help us much....

Thanks, for any info.  I find him so STRIKING....

...and the bottom photo HERE:

Could he be Chalet? Altla Glass? Murano? ...or (hopefully not) Chinese? 


ive got a feeling it may be chinese, they do something very similar over here in the UK charity shops, mainly the british heart foundation charity shop, who do a brand new range of glass, all of which is chinese import made to look very similar to Murano glass. some of it is very nice.

I still like it, and I always thought that Chinese glass had a less of a weight (cheaper imitation) - this piece is very, very heavy.  Not that that matters at all.

...and I still love it...


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