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Uranium Glass candlesticks. 'Gold' Enamelling. Emerald Green Annagrun?


Hi All,

Still going through the collection, unpacking, inspecting and repacking before the move (I'm up to 6 teachests so far, and still haven't started on the 'personal' collection!)

Anyway, I came across these candlesticks that have always intrigued me. I've never really handled much glass in this style before so I don't know what it is. The colour however is definitely an emerald green, identical to items I have seen described as Annagrun. The enamelling looks a little haphazard but reminds me of what I have seen dating to C19th, again, I haven't handled enough to know.

The style of the candlesticks themselves is Georgian/Regency but I know that uranium wasn't used until the 1830's, almost simultaneously by Whitefriars and Riedel.

The colour is the same colour as the mineral called Torbenite, a secondary uranium oxide (Copper Uranyl Phosphate) which was one of the first uranium bearing minerals extracted from what was then the Bohemian uranium deposits. I have a feeling that it's 'cousin' Autunite, was used to colour Annagelb. But that's enough geo talk.

Anyway, any help identifying maker or age would be greatly appreciated. I have an undeucated option, but I'll keep them to myself for now :)


your candlesticks are quite recent - in geological terms. I would say late 20th ct. And the only way to find out if they contain any Uranium oxide at all is under UV light. Judging the colour without that aid will give false results.

They are definitely uranium glass.

I've already repacked them, but yes, I have checked with a black light and it's a very vivid effect.


Images have gone from your hosting, can they be added back as attachments on the board please, otherwise this topic has no value. Thanks.


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