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Author Topic: Murano Deer -- JI Co?  (Read 2825 times)

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Re: Murano Deer -- JI Co?
« Reply #10 on: February 08, 2011, 08:22:33 PM »
Another deer caught in the headlights:

I wrote the seller to let him/her know the deer isn't a Barbini. The asking price would be a bargain for the Barbini deer, so I hope no one snaps it up, expecting a Barbini. I still think they're cute and probably worth the $99.

lol....and here too (See Glass Deer):

as listed here as item # 3211 and quoted from that link, quote:
" 33211 - VENETIAN GLASS DEER. Venetian blown glass deer, pink glass body, clear face and legs, gold shot and clear ears and tail, polished bottom. No mark. Size: 7"H, 6"L, 3"W. Condition: good. Estimate $100 - $100."

Mind you that was from the year 2005...................LOL  :-\
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