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Hello fellow Glassaholics

I'm currently in the process of dispersing all the glass we've collected over the last 20 years in the sudden and somewhat overwhelming thought that if we have to move house we're never going to shift it!!!!

Having consulted the powers that be it seems the best way to direct you to a stream of potential bargains is this:

Hope it works.

Annie xxx

Works a treat Annie, well done. :) 

I just had a scan down and your green footed bowl, probably Webb, probably isn't. I have one the same only taller size and it was ID'd here on the board as Stuart Stratford pattern. See,30204.0.html and,25768.0.html for more about these. HTH :)

Listing duly ended.  I will relist correctly when I've absorbed the info from your very useful links.  Thanks for the input.  Very appreciative for the info.  More and more pleased I found this site.  I now have to go and make gravy .....

Annie xxxxx

Keep watching .... I'm listing like a woman posessed .... it all has to go!!!!!!  Trouble is I keep buying things!  :24:

Annie xxx

Good afternoon fellow Glassaholics

Today's E-Bay listings will include an signed Ekenas Vase by John Orwar Lake, various decanters, more Whitefriars, some Holmegaard and various other bits and bobs.

Happy browsing.

Annie xxxxx


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