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Still listing like mad so come take a peek ......  :24:

Annie xxxx

Have your checked your uranium items with a UV light?

Yes though we don't photograph them lit up.  Perhaps we should.  I'll talk to the photo slave though with the volume of stuff we have to go I suspect he may go into meltdown .... never good with uranium about  :24:

Annie xxx

He wouldn't like my house then! I don't think photographing under UV is necessary, but you had a couple of pieces I couldn't be sure about. ebayers often use the term uranium for anything green and when you ask if it glows, they tell you they don't have a UV light! How do they know it's uranium? I would just suggest adding that you've tested it and that it glows bright green under a UV light. Note that it must be really bright, not just a bit green.

[As an aside. The term uranium-green really gets up my nose, because uranium is actually a yellow colorant.]

Still listing like a woman demented and thinking I may be actually BECOMING a woman demented .....



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