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He he another Mdina for me-I hope!!!

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Hi from a now wet and humid NZ, enough to make one do unfortunate things I tell you!! anyhow I have recently purchased, after considering for a few months, this lovely vase-which I hope is Mdina. 26.5 cm high with a polished base of 7cm D. Flaired lip and straight sides, the picture of the lip is a fair indication of the colours, reminds me of streaks of agate. Now if it is what I hope it is, could someone please inform me if it is an early or late design and mfg-no signature on the base-which is a little out of focus. Many thanks and its still raining. Carol

Looks like Mdina to me,as for it's age one of the resident 'Mdina' crew will let you know soon,hot and humid,lucky you,

Hot,humid and raining is horrible weather-still going strong, just waiting for an earthquake doncha know. Yes I am sure some Mdina maven will stumble acros this thread- still have not purchased the Mark Hill book-on my ever growing list. regards Carol

Most definitely Mdina and part of the Earth Tones range. Post Harris, so perhaps late 1970s/80s

Many thanks Christine, just needed a ballpark until I can get the Mark Hill book. regards Carol-it's stopped raining and would you believe a fine day tomorrow!!


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