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He he another Mdina for me-I hope!!!

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Produced post-Harris I believe, but still a Harris design.  :thup:

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Angela B:
When you say post Harris, late 70s or 80s, is that why this colour scheme doesn't seem to be in the Michael Hill book, Christine?
I recognise it as a Mdina colour scheme because I have a fish vase in that colour and also the Earthtones colouring is illustrated in Andy McConnell's 20th Century Glass. The vase shown there is very similar to your vase, Carol, except it is cylindrical, doesn't have the neck and lip.
I didn't realise the Mdina signature was only applied after Harris left Mdina (until I did some reading tonight).

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Hello Angela!

It is actually illustrated in Mark's book, middle left, p.53, but as the light is coming through it, it looks dark brown and swirly.
I do have a fair few Earthtones pieces made while Michael Harris and the Boffos were still there - they have a mixed batch of base markings - several with round ground or polished pontil marks, which were not done after this period. I do not believe them to be by Michael Harris, though - and the way the pattern is produced is quite distinctive.

Another feature of Harris/Boffo period is the shape of the chalice, although it is un-knopped around the stem, the bowl is a very distinctive flared bell shape.
Afterwards, the sides of the bowls became quite straight, with only the rim flared.

Pics of my early pieces:
(One of them even has a maltese cross prunt mark on it's base - very unusual)

This bottle is 9.5" tall, a big one, and is not bell-shaped - that's an optical illusion
This is big too - 6.5" tall
8.25"tall Fish
Small bottle

In general, Earthtones can be random, or spiralled like this (original thread) piece. When Michael Harris started Isle of Wight Studio Glass, he continued developing the designs he started at Mdina - hence IoWSG Tortoiseshell grew from Mdina Earthtones.

To my knowledge, Mdina still produce this design, along with the original blue and yellow stripey pattern, over 40 years on!


--- Quote ---I didn't realise the Mdina signature was only applied after Harris left Mdina (until I did some reading tonight).
--- End quote ---

I'm not sure that's true is it Sue?

Hi Angela

Pieces were signed Mdina while Michael Harris was at Mdina as well as after he left. Just because a piece of Mdina doesn't have a signature doesn't mean it was made in the Harris era.  Some sellers seem to make a big deal at the lack of a signature, don't fall for it!

Suzy x


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