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Sowerby catalogues (1882 to 1950s), archive info and more


Three volumes of Sowerby e-books on CDrom. Discount available.

Volume One From Victoria to George V: contains almost 100 full pages from five different Sowerby catalogues spanning the years 1882 to 1912 plus an analysis of the factory's output including detailed information (including photos) on Sowerby's glass colours, patterns and shapes. Information on pattern inspirations, factory history, trademarks and marketing strategy plus insights on J.G. Sowerby, the artist.

Volume Two George V to Elizabeth II: contains almost 120 original catalogue pages, text and photographic information covering the period from the early 1920s through to the late 1950s (the introduction of Carnival Glass, the Art Deco years, Tynesyde Glass and much more are shown here). Also includes a comprehensive series of actual reports about Sowerby from the Pottery Gazette, between 1928 and 1948.

Volume Three A Celebration of Sowerby: contains a full digital reproduction of Sowerby's Illustrated Pattern Book No. XI – 1885, plus an extensive photographic compendium of Sowerby’s glass (250 colour photographs and explanatory text), featuring over a century of the Ellison Glass Works' production. Many rare items as well as familiar shapes and patterns, in an astonishing range of colours, including Malachite, Carnival, Ivory Queen's Ware, Vitro-Porcelain, Flint, Opalescent, Vaseline and much more. Each photo is presented with its pattern/catalogue number (where known).


Email if you need more info or to order. £14.99 each plus post. Discounts available.
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I should add that the individual catalogue pages (of which there are hundreds) each feature many different items in high res. detail.

Here's a low resolution, small, sample image of one page from the 1885 catalogue.


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