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I bought these recently and believe they are Riimihaen Lasi. [not Oy] They are perfect and have the remains of labels at the top. One just has the remains of glue!

The photos are not good but it is night and poor weather.

They seem to be candle holders and have the metal inserts.
They are yellow, just, verging on yellow brown.
I have discovered a little about Riimihaen Lasi.

'The Riihimaki Joint Stock Company was founded in Riihimaki, Finland, by M. A. Kolehmainen and H. G. Paloheimo in 1910 and renamed Riihimaen Lasi in 1937. Riihimaki manufactured household glass, container glass, crystal, window glass, and eyeglass lenses and was Finland’s largest glass factory in the 1920’s to the 1960’s. The company underwent modernization in 1927 to 1948 under the direction of Roope Kolihmainen. Riihimaki began a cooperative agreement with A. Ahlstrom in1961 and manual production of glass ended in 1976 when the company turned to mass production. Household glass was also produced in1977 by the newly founded Kotilasi unit. A. Ahlstrom bought Riihimaen Lasi in 1985 and in 1988 was merged with Karhula to form Ahlstrom Riihimaen Lasi Oy. Riihimaen Lasi closed in1990 and in 1995 Owens-Illinios, an American company, bought Karhu'

but I would be very grateful for any more information about these. I can't find anything similar from books or the Internet.

Yellow has always been my favourite colour, after primroses!
Regards Ruth

Hello Ruth. No photos - well none that I can see, that is  :lol:

Riihimaki also made a superb range of very sought-after Carnival Glass.



Good grief, leave it a week and lose the habit!!!
Thanks R.

But....they're upside down!  Are those metal 'plugs' a good fit Ruth?  I have a few of this style and wondered why they had an indentation at the base, is the base actually the top?  :shock:  :shock:

Ruth, I'm not entirely sure of the veracity of some of the info you have there on Riihimaki. My understanding is that Karhula actually merged with Iittala (c 1915) >> later (c 1987) merging with Nuutarjarvi.



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