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Hi Marcus

I took my eye of the ball there - I forgot to visit your site - wow that has grown!

I think in your first two pages you explain Sklo Union and the factories coming under that umbrella - you even show the label we are talking about

To be honest I think your site is becoming more accurate than any book - I love the original adverts and the Sklo Union ID table is excellent.

Ref '20th C Factory Glass' pieces shown like striated vases designed by Vladimir Zahour 1962 at Podebrady pp39 - I see it is next to Bohemia in your (the ) map - but what factory, or are these like the first posted piece, label AOC? - I must sound thick


Borske Sklo - I love their stuff 'a natural progression of the 300+ factories at Haida (Novy Bor)' - what an amazing glass output it seems they had. In map page you have VHJ Crsytalex (Novy Bor) but not Borske?

Individual factories outside the Sklo or other unions: -

Beranek (Skrdlovice) art glass

Moser - is in your map but not in black so was this in the Sklo

Will you be covering these and other Czech areas (in time?) - that is if I have not misread your site and you already have :?

I was reading about Czech designers in Murano and other countries? I love the cross pollination of ideas throughout Czechoslovakia post war - did it spread across all unions and factories?

A lot of questions I know - I am happy to see you are well and giving us the gift of your wonderful website

If I can be cheeky here and ask a more personal question - I have started collecting these Harrtil pieces by M Pulpitel / Harrachov - how many colours do you think were used in the ones with colour (they are not that cheap I notice, most dealers think they are Murano - I think in technique and design they are often better!)

No rush for answers and sorry if I get things confused, you know I have a passion for Czech glass but I think I know one thing, turn around and find out the source was wrong LOL

Adam P

Hi Adam,

With regard to the map, which Frank assembled from assorted scans, and re-drew, (THANKS) which formed part of the IGS 1986 information pack, shows the factories and organisation of the glass corporations as they existed in 1985. Borske Sklo would not be shown as it became part of Crystalex in 1974.

Bohemia Sklarny had several factories, as lead crystal production was re-organised @ 1950, Podebrady glass works, Nizbor (formerly Ruckl), Josefodol at Svetla nad Sazavou, and Antonindol, (Jihlava), as well as various other small workshops. The cutting of Zahour's new designs was done at Podebrady, but for virtuoso cutting, the workshop at Usobi remained the centre of excellence.

Beranek(Skrdlovice fell outside the remit of any national corporation.

Moser (shown in blue) was a part of VHJ Crystalex. Its marketing was carried out by Crystalex and Glassexport.

With regard to Harrtil, are you asking whether more than one colour used in a piece or the range?

Certainly there are five  designers known to have produced work in this manner, and not all of it necessarily made at Harrachov. It is alleged that some was made at Chribska (Chribtil?).

No source is ever flawless, and I am just as prone to making errors as others.



Thanks Marcus

That is one of the most clear and concise answers I have obtained on the board.

Clears so much up for me.

I thought Harrtil was made just at Harrachov (ref Studio Decorative Art Year Book 1956 - 57 - shows just one photo, and other book sources)

I know the range has vases and bowls and sculptural pieces. My local dealer has some other pieces. I will try and get photos of them for comparison - will start another thread (if).

The design of bowl I show comes up a lot in references (I think I saw one with green), I have also seen a similar one in clear - no colour.

What company and designer do you think made my item - and if you know, did they use different colours, like blue, green, etc?


Here is a pic of a Harrtil - shape of object and pattern of colour veining seem similar to mine - copyright J Miller

Ref my point about collecting different coloured veins in these bowls

Anne, I wanted to say I find your candleholders fascinating and hope I have not hijacked your thread, I know how irritating that can be :oops:

I have saved a picture for future reference with information in my pw Czech folder (PC only)

Adam P                        

Oh also ..... here is our old friend in a different colour link

I think your bowl is Harrachov, and not by Pulpitel, but Metelak. Please post over-all dimensions, I have catalogues here.


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