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Objects of Desire by Simon Bruntnell

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I adore Lynne Truss since then  :hiclp:

simon bruntnell:
"And it's artists" Portraits, some of the people behind the glass. It's a self published book printed in the UK

Simon, excuse me please, I'm not English, but shouldn't it be spelt and its artists then? Can you still correct the cover of your book, if this is correct?

simon bruntnell:
It's not the cover. Its just a flyer I had  thrown togeather just to show a few more images. But thanks for the correction. I had any content proofed by people much better versed and noble than myself. In fact I'm Dyslexic and didn't really enjoy my school days as much as I should have. Word blindness was more considered a bit ' thick ' twenty five years or so ago. So I spent most of my time in the art room and hence went to art college keeping a long distance between myself and a world of words.

Hopefully my skills and craft  will re address the balance and my pictures will be more exciting.

Hi Simon, anything glass-related you want to offer for sale you can post in here: books, calendars, glass, yourself even!  :chky:


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