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Green & Amber Ashtray...Country Of Origin?


Green & Amber Ashtray encased in Clear Glass. The cigarette rests have been pulled over with 4 outer rims. Great flowing effect on this. It also has 8 ribs from the base. Base is polished. 7.5cm at its highest point 23cm at its largest points. Japanese, Murano or Chinese?

Most likely Japanese, possibly Murano. A another piece on Aussie ebay that has ended without a bidder (the price was a bit high)...

Ebay Id: 320508840785

Definitely a quality bit of piece glass so i am ruling out Chinese on this. Have also located a 3 sided piece...

Ebay Id: 320513074966

Would be good to pinpoint a country of origin on these ashtrays.  :spls:

Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.  ;D

Have finally found one with a label...

Ebay ID - 360272259961

These were made by Sanyu Glass, Osaka Japan.  :chky: :hiclp:

I am quite happy with that. At least it isn't chinese.  :thup:


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