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Tall Slim Cased Vase. - ID = "Snowflakes" Brand, China.

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Otis Orlando:
This is a beautiful vase with what appears to be a bird design around the vase.  The vase measures 28.8cm high, 4.5cm dia. at the top and 7.8cm dia. at the base stand.  There is a 3.5cm convex pontil rippled effect. I have been informed that this could be possibly Chinese.  Can anyone identify the originator and age.   Kind Regards   :thup:

Definitely Chinese and modern. Do a search for Snowflake on the board. But it does not have a pontil mark; those are just cooling ripples.

Please read the long explanation of pontil marks I added to,31289.0.html for you and I will try and find some pictures as well, as many of the items you are describing pontil marks for simply do not have them - just bases. I'm not trying to be funny or offensive, just helpful.

Otis Orlando:
Hi Christine.  I have looked at the site you have suggested and also checked the base of this particular vase.  I am not in anyway disputing your comments but I am not still clear about identifying markings.  This particular vase has a convex mark with the measurements as described in the initial description. The ripple effect does give me reasons to now believe that it may not be a pontil after all.  Can you tell me why the base is not flat,but rough and jagged? They maybe a good reason for this.  I can assure you that I am no expert and have no intentions of being one but appreciate the work, effort and interests by others in the making  of such wonderful pieces of glass.  Those that do have knowledge, I seek their knowledge, expertise and comments in this field. The glass plate that you referred me to was one of the ones I had posted some time ago and at the time was not too sure of how to describe this.

I have been able to find a vases currently on Ebay similar to mine and am somewhat confused as to the origin of this particular piece.  I, like you, thought this to be Chinese.  ::)  Ebay Item No. 290407432091 and 260560804373.  Look forward to your comments regarding these images.  Kind Regards :thup:

mrs vulture:

HI, you will find lots of items on Ebay which are not correctly listed, it can be very confusing at times because buyers assume the seller would know the right maker of what they are selling. It also happens a lot in shops selling glass and some will not take kindly to being told they have the wrong maker however nicely you tell them. Its a case of buyer beware, most sellers don't mean to mislead the buyer, and I have found lots of sellers have only heard of two or three main glass makers names and then assume every piece of glass is made by them!!!!  ( usually Whitefriars or Murano) The vase you mention is Chinese, we had a discussion before about them (I have a lovely pink one)       Cheryl :thup:

The brandname these items are sold under is Snowflake, they are factory made in China. The ripples on the base occur while the piece is cooling. This piece has never been near a pontil iron and so will not have a pontil mark.


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