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Who made this lovely lady please? ID: Walther 'Rotterdam' lamp base

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I bought this lovely lady lamp this morning and would like to know who made her if possible. Thanks Pat.

Mod: Image vanished, candlestick in the same pattern here:

Best place to find these is Pamela's web site link attached, I think it's called Rotterdam but can't remember maker but it will be there.


Thank you I found her! It is Rotterdam made by Walther.

Hi Pat,
congratulations on your Rotterdam lamp base! the shade presumably is not Walther I am afraid. Rotterdam base used to carry a Rotterdam bowl like this:
without 3 feet but with one 'cork'

Hi Pamela. I am wondering if the lamp base was sold in England without the original shade because my friend has an identical lamp base with an identical shade. She got hers about 5 years ago.  It seems very odd.


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