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pair red/black and white twist vases.....probably Chinese?

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norman warbreck:
i hope that someone will be able to point me in a direction of research...or has info regarding this lovely pair.
See pontil mark....2nd pic

kind regards

Haven't seen this 'pulled loop' decor' before on this type of glass,it looks a little Chinese to me,especially the clear applied pieces,could be wrong(it has been known!)

norman warbreck:
thanks Keith...i have owned these for 17 years...and am surprised...but the clever Chinese!!
So off to the dustbin!!!

Wait until some one else comments,I could well be wrong,it's always wise to see what others say before taking any drastic action,if you like them keep them who cares if they are Chinese,it's what you like that matters,

I agree, they are very similar to this kind of Chinese vase....

I might add, i couldn't find any under the Chinese category so i used my little grey cells and found it in the Murano section.  ::)

I would keep them, but then i'd keep anything.


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