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whitefriars 007:
Any help in identifying the maker of this duck would be very much appreciated. It stands approximately 6 inches high. The colours remind me of Mdina glass?


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Looks Mdina or early isle of Wight to me

whitefriars 007:
Thank you very much Paul, Tigerchips for your helpful comments.  I have never come across any ducks like this being sold as Mdina or IOW but having looked closely at the colours in the duck and comparing them to Mdina pieces I have, they do seem to match the yellows, blues etc but who knows?  May be it was an experimental piece by somebody.




Hello, I'm back again. Was whisked off on holiday!

Something about the way the colours are put together scream Mtarfa to me.
Is there any irridesence?
Is that a bit of whitish colour near the beak?
Is the blue, as it looks, more inky than turquoisey blue?

whitefriars 007:
Hello Sue

Hope you had a nice time.

There is no iridescence in the duck, some of the colours have an opaque look to them. The white near the beak is a creamy opaque white. There are two blue colours in the duck, a small area of inky blue but mainly turquoise blue with yellow splashes identical to the colours found in some of my Mdina pieces.  I have had a close look at the colours and can match all of them roughly to those found in Mdina pieces I have - the brownie reds, browns, blues, yellows and opaque cream colours. I have added some more pictures to try and show the colours a bit more.

Your help is very much appreciated Sue - many thanks.


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