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Salvador or paul?


the weight measures 3.25" across and 2.5" high, 3 green aventurine leaves with white background twisted around the base of the stem which is also twisted with 4 petals all sat in a green pot, but one petal's is funny, it looks like a chicken's head next to a tree, one of the smaller yellow cane's is missing in the second row just under one of the green leaves, the weight is very dark gray, i took a photo next to a clear one for comparison without a flash

click image for larger view

Salvador style, certainly, although I have not yet (until now??) seen a Salvador flower with only four petals. The white, deep orange and blue in the petals is familiar but I can't think from where.

Similar weights were also made at Strathearn.

Canes are older and base finish looks older but filigree looks Strathearn!

the outer double row cane's are seen on a paul ysart close pack, on bob hall's  site

Close :), but it's actualy a different cane :shock:

In your weight, Ray, at the centre of the cane is an open orange cog, whereas the centre of the cane in the (Paul) Ysart weight on Bob's page is a solid orange core in white sleeve - actually, it's a white hexagon with an 8-point "daisy", but only really visible as such when seen really close up, even in actual weights, not just photos.

And in Bob's, the outer row of the cane has every other element with a white core, but in yours the yellow parts are all open cogs. Also, in yours, the yellow cogs are set as 6 inner and what seems to be 5 outer (although a 6th outer may have slipped out somewhere?). In Bob's example, the cane has a construct of 6 inner cogs but with 12 outer.

Ufortunately, I have not yet produced the extensions to my pages to show all the canes from all my weights, but a weight with exactly the same cane as in Bob's is shown top left in my page at:

One other point, which was kind of buried in the depth of detail of my talk at Perth, is that we are now aware of several canes appearing in both early Paul Ysart weights and those from the Ysart Brothers works. This is strong evidence that those canes were produced in the 1930s (or perhaps during the early 40s??) but made their way in both directions at the time of family business split in 1946. Therefore, it is quite possible to find a "Salvador" or "Ysart Brothers" weight with one or more canes that really do match up to some of Paul's items :!:


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