Author Topic: Has there ever been a Match between Italian Glass and IRICE?  (Read 571 times)

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Has there ever been a Match between Italian Glass and IRICE?
« on: March 19, 2010, 08:48:06 AM »
Hi - I was just looking around at this site here posted with TxSilver posts:  SUPER SITE there.   :hiclp: :hiclp:

Just curious, as posted there was a picture of *Fratelli Toso Duck Perfume Atomizer for Irice*  Now just curious as to what exactly was IRice because I know there have been other posts about *IRice* and I even had an item too.  Some of the posts found here (under Search):  (Could be listed under IRice, or I-Rice, or I Rice for more SEARCH results, I guess...)

So was IRice just an importer?  And IF Fratelli Toso did make something for IRice - and we are finding some things with Only the IRice label on them -- could we be (possibly) missing or letting slide through our fingers some other (possible) Italian glass.  (Maybe) should we pay a bit more attention to any Glass items we might find with only a IRice Label on it - and that is could have some serious glass-maker behind it ?????

Just wondering about this.....since the Murano Zoo link above did have a FT item with the IRice label on it  :-\  thoughts?
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