Author Topic: Can anyone help identify this bowl? ID = Edvin Öhrström for Orrefors, #2031  (Read 647 times)

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Can anyone help to identify this bowl?  The color is light blue and its diameter is around 20cm and weight around 2.2kg.  The markings (in the second picture) says 'Orrefors' and the numbers 203 1/1.  

I was told that the number represents the number of similar bowl produced and this one (the 203th) is the only one with the color blue, hence the 1/1.  Could this be accurate?

Anyway, it would be good who's the designer is, so I can find out further about it.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Can anyone help identify this bowl?
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This bowl was designed by Edvin Öhrström and appears in the 1939 catalog

The number 2031 is the production number used by Orrefors. There were two sizes and three different colors ; white(clear) aqua marine blue and sea green.

This was a production piece in crystal and hand cut at Orrefors.



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