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Pressed glass part dressing table set? - ID = Reich #9046

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I couldn't resist this at 1 despite the fact that the Trinkets have a few chips in them (Unfortunately, less kiss-able that way).  :)

Corrrr!! Anybody dribbling yet?

I've been everywhere looking for this (including eBay).

Any comment's welcome.  :)

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That was quick!! I just had time to breath. Thank you Pamela.  :D

Reich... is that a good glass company? There is only one Reich item on Ebay at the moment, are they rare?  :)

Well I like it TC... and it's not one I've ever seen before.  Tiny chips on the pots aren't uncommon as they are usable items and lids going on and coming off often result in slight damage.

I had that set once...loved it!!! tho I didnt know it was Reich :oops:
I sold it for $350 about 2 years ago!


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