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Pressed glass part dressing table set? - ID = Reich #9046

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$350!!! I nearly fell off my seat!  :shock:  :lol:

When I joined this Message Board, I had to bolt my swivel chair to the floor because the wheels could not take all the exitement. No, not really.  :lol:

It's all too easy to wizz across the floor and break one's neck in the process.  :lol:

Interesting, you have two trinkets both the same size and the bigger or smaller size is missing. I wonder how much a full set is worth.  :shock:

S. Reich & Co., Vienna
established 1813 in Krasna, Checoslovaquia
numerous huts
This set appears first in their 1934 catalogue on Tafel (page) 66,
pattern # 9046
comprising the tray, candlestick, ringholder and trinkets in two sizes


this is the shiny version of candlestick
the whole set in matt still is waiting to be photographed and uploaded...

Thank you again Pamela.  :)

And there was me thinking I paid too much.  :lol:

Actually, I'm pretty lucky to get this set from the car boot because it was sitting on the same stall the previous week.  :oops:

Now in blue.

Let's see if I can find all the colours.  :D


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