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A Blue Day

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I remember someone calling this Bohemian though I can't think who.

Thanks Everyone

Bought 'Factory Glass' and a few others books (second hand, so cheaper) other day - Peter ... your optic is exactly same colour and style as mine good chance is same manufacturer even though a different shape - thanks, any idea who made these?

Tiger's has that same optical effect, but what an interesting shape, this looks like a bowl. Tiger I think there is a good chance these may be Bohemian, the bases are flat with no base rim but that does not exclude them in my mind.

Adam ... we talk at last LOL
--- Quote ---There was a Glass Works run by Jenny Antonio in Edinburgh around mid 1980's and later by Paul Musgrove who took it over
--- End quote ---
I am looking into this and it seems logical since I bought the vase in Glasgow. There were lots of Scottish glass companies like 'Lanmara' and 'T.P. Young' who set up in the 1980s and are now closed, difficult to trace sometimes as they were such small private concerns – Frank is in the process of creating a database for Scottish glass makers.

Thanks Again

Adam P


you could be excused for thinking Bohemian.

Thanks Ivo

That is not only a good colour match and general style for my vase, but I have pieces with exactly that same cross hatched pattern in amber like yours, blue and purple - vases, bowls and tankards etc.

I have always suspected Czech as there is a crystal like sparkle from them, Marcus tells me this is because of an ingredient the Czechs used in making up the glass, can't remember which one (gulp) :oops:

Thanks again

Adam P

I've just bought this today with the same mark on the base
I remember someone saying that Toso makes these similar stripey glass items. Strange, but Toso would be the last person I would have thought of.


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