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Trying to identify patterns


I got these stems from a friend and haven't been able to find what the patterns are. Can anyone help me? Someone told me the first one is Thistle but I can't find it in any book.The last two are not peacock or peacock reverse, Nora Bird or Delilah Bird. I'm stumped.

Thanks Tony and Bernard C for help on the pics.

I believe the stems w/the pheasant were made by Tiffin Glass and the pattern is called "Persian Pheasant".
As for the first stem, it reminds me of a Colony Glass stem. Sorry, don't have any of my books to research it right now. But, maybe this will help.

I think Lenore's right about the Colony one... here's a design called Crocus from Colony which looks a lot like wlifter's:

The Persian Pheasant design is also shown at Replacements, see Tiffin:


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