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Murano curly dish

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I've seen this shape someware before but when I tried looking it up on the net I couldn't fine it anywhere. This might be because I don't know what it is. Is it a dish or something else?

It is double cased. The inner casing is white and the outer casing is amber.

There are bubbles present in the glass. Is this normal and acceptable for Murano?

Any clues to maker or any other comments appreciated. Thank's.

Hi Tigerchips,
Looks a Flygsfors shape.
Are they controlled bubbles?

Laura Friedman:
It does not look Scandinavian or Italian to me. The work is far too crude for Flygsfors. I'd vote fairly contemporary Mexican glass.


Hi Laura,
Are they also doing this one, apart from the Pulegoso style pieces? wow.

Laura Friedman:
Hi Javier,

I don't know for sure that this piece is Mexican (haven't seen it witha label), but the quality and color of the glass reminds me a lot of other Mexican glass I see here in LA.  There are many vendors at the flea markets here who offer booths full of Mexican glass - the little roosters that are all over ebay (sold as Murano), and weird vases that look like they were held upside down so that all the glass ran to the top.

Look at ebay item 7367528883 for a Mexican glass owl. Compare the look of the glass to the bowl.



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