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Clear paperweight with shaped bubbles


Is anyone able to help me with an attribution ? [doing my Sunday ebay listing]
I think I've seen similar by Wedgewood (?) but no marks on this at all.
Flat base, well made.

Please click small pic. for a bigger one.

12 cm high


Hi Taylog,

There are several possibilities for this type of weight, although I am only familiar with a few (i.e. I've seen a couple in real life and a few more in books). Mostly from studios in the 1970s / 80s.

Depending on the actual "colour" of the glass, it might be:
- Holmegaard
- Midsummer Glass (former English studio)
- King's Lynn / Wedgwood (but I don't know whether designs like this were made after Wedgwood took over King's Lynn)
- Langham Glass (studio of former King's Lynn man, Paul Miller)

It could also possibly be Selkirk Glass (but again, I don't really know that they made exactly this type)

Another option is modern Chinese, with some of their examples being pretty good, too.

I would be pleased to learn of other makers for this type of weight, as I have not collected this theme myself and my knowledge is slim.

Colour is entirely clear, and it has a reasonable amount of what looks to be genuine wear on the base. Purchased in the UK somewhere (can't remember where though !).

does this help ? I'll try some searches on the info you provided, thanks


Bernard C:

--- Quote from: "taylog1" ---Please click small pic. for a bigger one.
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Mmmmmmm, lovely.   Well done.

Bernard C.  8)

good teacher  :P - ought to be added to the picture "sticky" or future reference


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