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request for Stuart date.
« on: April 06, 2010, 07:45:13 PM »
here then are the pics. of a smallish Stuart 'apple green' Stratford pattern 'whatever' - possibly a vase?     The Stuart pattern No. is 22887.    I actually paid three quid to a guy at a collectors fair, and told him that it was uranium (had left the torch in the car, can you believe it :'(.   In fact it is not U., but is nonetheless an interesting piece which I like, particularly since I don't yet have any 'apple green' from this group.    Apparently, this series was started in 1921, and individual designs were introduced over the next 30 years or so (at least) - with an alternative colour of 'golden amber' also available.    Anyway, bearing in mind the images of my previous post, wud anyone like to have a stab as to when this particular piece might have been made. :)   Thanks for looking  -  cheers           Paul S.

References:  'British Glass Between The Wars'  -  Edited by Roger Dodsworth  -  Exhibition Catalogue for Broadfield House  -  first printing 1987.
                  Miller's 20th - Century Glass  -  Edited by Andy McConnell - first printing 2006.


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