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Huge Italian? Triple cased vase

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I was just putting something away in the shed, when this caught my eye.  I've had it for about 2 years.  It measures an enormous 16" in height, and I haven't seen one the same since.  I'm thinking about selling it.

I particularly love the sliced top, showing three casings.  :)   To my eye, it looks Italian, but I really don't know.  Any ideas?

Did it sell?

I have something with what looks like the same kind of casing.
It's bright orange on the inside, white and then clear on the outside.

I first thought my vase was Italian as it has that bright orange but I think Anne E. B suggested that it might be Polish.

lol Frank, as I had a thunderous 'no answer' on the GMB, I guessed it wasn't up to much and left it in the shed...where it still is.

I'll get Peter to have a look at it next week, and caste his expert eye over it.  8)  :D

PS:  Sorry TC, I can't help with your version.  :(

Tigger, there are some vases here:

with the charateristics of yours, so it looks like Anne E. B's. suggestions could be spot on.


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