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Portieux Jade Green Vanity Set

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Thank you for the information and links, Shirley.

I found this page on the first link you provided

It has part of my vanity set and if I understand the French, the picture dates from a 1914 catalogue.

What is interesting is that I had 2 other pieces on that page - the elephant and the HON which I sold earlier this year.

While we are puzzling over the PV label, let us consider the SV mark also. I have been told that more information about that mark, which may be a label or mould-marked into the item, is coming out next year in the form of a book. I do not know who is doing the writing/research or what the information will be. Let's hope it is definitive and well-documented

Shirley thank you so much for this contribution! It lets read and prosecute a lot  8)

ohh sorry - i wanted to have Shirley's post QUOTED . did not work - sorry again!


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