Author Topic: boda afors B V 1665 Vallien Bird any idea on pattern name or other info.  (Read 654 times)

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Hi all
you know when you have seen something but can't remember where and when or any other details, so you spend hours and hours and hours...... searching and still nothing. Well this fella is one of them. I know ive seen it and its driving me up the wall.
signed to the base Boda afors B V 1665 (although it may be 1465 or some variation of that)
Ok, so i know is Boda afors so i think that means it would date between 1946 -1976, i am presuming the 65 in the number code is for 1965??, its signed BV which is the easy part - Bertil vallien.
He stands at 11cms tall, about 7cms in diameter and weighs a fairly hefty 975g
Now for the question.. does this chap have a name of any sort, because i cant find hide nor hair of him anywhere... well i say anywhere i found an advert on ebay with about the same amount of info ive got (not my advert)
Any information gratefully recieved



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