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Here is a sommerso vase in a possible Seguso shape and colours, but there is no label (see below) - it's 2.3 kilos and 14.5" high c 1960s.

The age is good as it has the 'G Hardy Venetian Glass' label to it in red and gold,- ware to label is age consistent.

Did Hardy import Seguso from Murano, if not what other Murano (Italian) companies did he import that made pieces like this?


Adam P

I have a similar picture of a Poli (Seguso Vetri d'Arte) vase in a 1967 Murano book; it is blue and purple which I think were very much his colours - in the book the body colour is bue and the sommerso halo purple, but he reversed that colour way I think?

Laura Friedman:
Many companies did this same shape, and it is still being produced today. My first impression is that this vase is not by Seguso. However, the only way to know for sure, as you indicate, is to find out of "Hardy" imported or retailed Segsuo.


You know I have seen and sold glass with the Murano sticker and the ‘G Hardy’ sticker in the past. For the life of me I can't remember what the other labels were.

I think there is a lot of research to be done on what items Hardy imported from Italy & Murano.

All the research so far has gone on Scandinavian items, we know they imported from Elme, Gadderås, Alsterfors, Aseda, Alsterbro, Reijmyre, Sölvehyttan, and many other companies - using the silver sticker.

What about the red Venetian sticker, I have it on many a piece and in different forms here is a version with ‘Lido’ above the motif. It obviously means something but no one seems to know. I think it is interesting that as with the Scandinavian label variations were used for Venetian labels. What can they tell us about the items being imported?

I know as little as anyone else (unless someone knows but has missed the thread) but will make this a project, I guess the best place to start is at Companies House, any old records – any suggestions welcome

I know that G Hardy operated around 1950s to late 1960s so at least my piece is not brand new - although I am sure some early 1970s pieces carry the label, Aseda etc. mmmmmm


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