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What would sit on these plinths?

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Anne E.B.:
This first plinth has perplexed me.  It's an unusual shape (and 12" long) added to the fact that it is absolutely flat on top and doesn't have the usual small 'rim' to hold things.  I would imagine that anything placed on top would be easily knocked off (by me at least :roll: )
Any ideas as to maker and what is meant to go on top?

The second one is quite heavy (3" high).  Again, any ideas as to maker and what it was meant to display?

Regards - Anne E.B. :wink:

Would the first one have had one of those glass domes on it?  The dome would then fit over the top of the plinth, rather than sit on it :shock:

The second looks like it would have had a crystal ball on it :D

Ha! Trick question!
The first one is an upside down "Golf" plate from the H-collection of 1938 made by Leerdam.
The second one looks like the plinth belonging to a dish from either Northwood or Cambridge glass 1922.


Cambridge glass Azurite bowl without plinth. Anyway, glass with a black plinth was very popular in the twenties, I believe many makers did (optional) black plinths - including Monart, Davidson, Walther, Leerdam.


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