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Vaseline Vanity Set - Jacobean ? ID = Bernsdorf 'Lady'

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Connie - here are the scans of "Lady". Extract from the Bernsdorf Musterbuch, 1932 - from Pressglas Korrespondenz courtesy Siegmar Gieselberger.


Thank you, Glen  

Pamela - I apologize. I should have realized that you would have a piece of this pattern pictured on your site.  After Glen provided the copy of the catalog page (thank you Glen) I saw you have a vase in this pattern on your site  :oops:

Glen and Pamela,  I would like to thank you both for helping me identify both of my vanity sets.  I am going to add them to my website and would like to give credit to this board and you both specifically. Is it permissible to mention your names?

I would also like to add both your sites to my "Favorite Sites" link page on my website if that is OK with you also.

Connie, of course you can mention my name (Glen Thistlewood). I'd be honored. Can you also credit Siegmar Gieselberger and his Pressglas Korrespondenz?

And yes, please, add my website. I will do the same with yours too, of course.

Many thanks.


Thank you, Glen.

I have added the toilette sets and recognized the contributions of this board and it's members.

I have also added links on my special links page.  If anyone linked there wants a different description for their link (or wants it removed), then please just e-mail me.  My e-mail is on my homepage (link in sig line).

Thank you again for all the assistance in correctly identifying these pieces  :)


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