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OK, I now have my replacement camera up and running!   :D   So I thought I'd share a few of my latest acquisitions here.

These three are all 'dime a dozen'  :twisted: Chinese lampwork weights, which I happen to think are very nice attempts and show great promise.  Oh, and they're BIG!  :shock:  Real magnums, measuring 4" in diameter, and weighing over a kilo each!   :roll:

Of course they don't compare with the great lampwork masterpieces, but I can't afford too many of them unfortunately!   :wink:

Peter, would you care to put them on your website on Chinese glass?

Wow Leni!  I think they're stunning, especially in that size!  :shock:  :D  :D

Colorful, but that's about it. The latticino is dirty. The leaves in each piece don't match. What is the red bulb, a pear? Why? The larger white/green/red leaf makes no design sense. They are a hodge podge and don't show individual talent. But I'm sure they'll brighten up a corner. Just curious, what did you pay for them?

Whilst I understand and embrace the notion of speaking our minds, I'm not happy about the comment by Glass&Hockey.  Sneering at people's glass collections is not what the GMB is about IMHO.

Have to agree with Max, to openly criticise other folks collecting tastes is gross bad manners, quite uncalled for and should not be what the GMB is all about. There are many items across the boards that don't appeal to my individual taste (though Chinese PW's are not amongst them), but I read about them all avidly to broaden my own knowledge and understanding.
A greater degree of indulgence and a lesser degree of arrogance makes for a far better environment for us all.


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