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Just a couple of questions


 Well I have succumbed to my partners wishes and am going to sell off  my glass, plus she does not know it yet but I have my eye on an antique book thats  about to come up for auction.. So my two questions are is ebay the best place to sell and how does the support the GMB link work?


 :kissy: Keep your glass in "The Family"  THIS FAMILY and let us know first what you have to sell!  I am trying to do the same because I am not keen on Ebay and I rarely, if ever, purchase from them. I use it more as an information source but there is a very good "Independent UK Guide to Ebay 2010" available at W.H.Smiths, which will tell you all you need to know. Have you got any Scheider, Verlys or Iridescent glass up-for-sale!  You can if you wish email me:  requiringmoreATgooglemailDOTcom   Ta, Jazz

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Cathy B:
eBay is probably the best way to get close to market value of your pieces, as long as you have plenty of photographs and have the pieces identified well to start with.


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