Author Topic: Cigar Set, can anyone ID the maker?  (Read 2549 times)

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Re: Cigar Set, can anyone ID the maker?
« Reply #20 on: November 19, 2010, 01:58:48 AM »
Been in Hospital for 13 days for 2 back operations so have not caught up for a while. Love the set, agree it looks like A.Seguso. I was surprised several months ago when I looked at a vase on Design and Arts with this spiral design and it was  described as SvDA but as he worked there it is not so surprising.

Great to have a complete set in good condition - I hope? Is the small one made to fit the standard lighter?

Pity you washed them, has the glue from the label remained? If it has and it shows a scalloped edge then you would have evidence for A.S. I have a piece where the glue from the label is all that remains but that is enough to confirm my belief as Achimede Seguso.

Clean and Crisp a Murano twist.
Archimede tops my list.


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